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Item: July 30, 1959

In 1955, Patricia Faye Smith was ironing ¬†clothes, when a man somehow slipped into her kitchen and grabbed her as she ironed. The pretty, quick thinking housewife, smashed the iron against the intruder’s face and the man fled, screaming that his face had been branded. This began a four year reign of terror for Patricia Smith.

Two weeks later Patricia  received a crudely written note which simply said:

“I’ll get you.”

The man appeared again in that time period and tried to rape her, but her children came home and he fled the scene.

Three times the Smiths moved, from one Los Angeles suburb to another and in 1959 they were beginning to feel safe in their Canoga Park home. But one Wednesday afternoon the man returned and Mrs. Smith, by this time 30 years old, recognized him. A long livid scar stretched from his ;eft eye to his mouth. Mrs. Smith claimed that the man forced her into the bathroom, pulled a penknife and told her “Now you are going to know what it’s like to be ugly. Mrs. Smith claimed he slashed her on the ankle twice, then slashed at her shoulders, arms and thighs.

Her oldest sone heard her screams and pounded on the locked door. Mrs. Smith said the man smashed her face with his clenched fist and warned:

“I’ll be back to finish the job!”

Police put out an all points bulletin for the scarred man, who’s identity is unknown.

Authorities were able to verify Mrs. Smith’s story of years of torment, through police reports.

branded assailantOfficers had been seeking her assailant since the first attack.